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Gallery 15
Snow in the Crescent

Last amended 15 November 2017
Gallery 82
Health and Safety gone mad
in Lansdown Place East
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Gallery 83
A rather more proportionate solution,
thanks to Highways
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Lansdown Crescent Association Noticeboard

News (archive)

  • Proposed Enhancements to Julian Road/Cavendish Road Junction, 7 November 2017
    Stephen Huard, Chairman of the Marlborough Buildings Residents' Association, has kindly provided us with the following briefing.
    Despite the presence of a 20mph speed limit, traffic travelling from Weston Road across into Julian Road averages 32mph. This poses a particular danger to cars emerging from Marlborough Buildings.
    To slow traffic, and thus to improve safety, B&NES proposes to reduce the road width and to introduce low (1.5cm) cobbled ramps aka 'pedestrian causeways', as shown in the
    before and after diagrams.
    In addition, the Weston Road parking spaces between the bottom of Cavendish Road and the golf course entrance would be moved to the other side of the road; the 20A (westbound) bus stop would be moved nearer to the Victoria Park entrance; and an eastbound electronic speed warning would be introduced.
    If you have any comments on these proposals, which have been issued by B&NES for information and which should not be viewed as final or definite, please contact:
    Nick Bishop | Email

  • Dixon Gardens and Upper Lansdown Mews: Incorrect Delivery of Gullproof Sacks, 31 October 2017
    To residents in Dixon Gardens and Upper Lansdown Mews:
    The Council has mistakenly delivered reusable gullproof sacks to you in relation to the new household waste collection arrangements starting
    next week. You are meant to receive wheelie bins. The Council crews are working to correct this and have requested that you don't use the bags you have been given. Please leave them out and they will collect unused bags and swap for a wheelie bin as soon as they can. They are delivering to over 80,000 homes so these teething problems are to be expected. They have reassured us that your waste will be collected as usual in the meantime.
    Stephanie Higgins (Membership) | Email

  • Helping to enforce the ban on coaches in Lansdown Crescent and the Places, 14 October 2017
    The "No access" sign at the entrance to Lansdown Place East off Lansdown Road has been very effective (so far) in thwarting the coach companies who want to take a scenic route along the Crescent on their way to the Royal Crescent (many not even stopping in Bath, but continuing on with their tours to Stonehenge).
    Any Coach companies who have ignored the sign have been responsive when 'phoned and informed of the no through access for coaches. Many have committed not to travel this route (especially when sent photos of their coaches grounded at the very tight junction with Cavendish Road).
    However all of the Committee’s efforts may be tested again soon as the Council are considering making the Royal Avenue (the road in front of the Royal Crescent) one of several coach drop off points for coach parties (now that the Council has redeveloped the Council owned Avon Street Coach Park).
    We want to make sure that the drivers and companies observe the signage and don't take this potentially damaging route to the Royal Avenue drop off point, given the historic buildings and narrow streets that could be placed at risk.
    Please let us know if you see any increased coach journeys and if possible get a photo with the registration. Please forward via email or text to:
    Rachael Hushon |

    Rachael has been making contact with these companies to politely request that their drivers don't take this route.

  • Pavement Closure: Lansdown Road and Lansdown Place East
    Acorn Property, developers of the Hope House site, have placed an extensive hoarding on Lansdown Place East and Lansdown Road.
    For the history of this pavement closure, see our news archive.
    For more information, contact
    Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

  • Hope House Hoardings Danger - LCA Statement to full Council, 14 September 2017
    here to see the statement given by Robin Kerr, LCA Chairman, to the full B&NES Council meeting on Thursday 14 September. The questioning afterwards showed the Councillors' disbelief that such a situation could have occurred.
    Acorn and Rhatigan have been sent a copy of Robin's statement; neither has as yet responded.
    Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

  • Hope House Hoardings - At Last: Apparently Effective Improvement to Sightlines, 11 October 2017
    Feedback received so far indicates that Acorn's recent (third) attempt to improve the sightlines (following intervention first by the LCA, as above, and then by Councillor Mark Shelford) seems to have worked. If you are still experiencing problems, or have any other comments, please contact:
    Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

  • Enforcement of 20mph limit in Cavendish Road, 8 October 2017
    For some time our members have been complaining about the excessive speed of some vehicles in the Places and Crescent, supported in part by evidence from measurements. We have also encouraged policing of this in the hope of deterring speeding motorists. It has come to the Committee's attention that police or traffic officers have been operating in Cavendish Road recently; at least two members have been issued with Fixed Penalty Notices for exceeding 20mph and not by very much! You have been warned!
    Nick Bishop | Email
    Note also that mobile speed camera enforcement schedules can always be found here.

  • B&NES Parking Proposals, including prevention of loading outside the Lansdown Grove Hotel, 30 September 2017
    Please click here for details of the proposals. Local residents are encouraged to support the ban on loading outside the Lansdown Grove; the closing date for responses is 19 October.
    Nick Bishop | Email

  • Telephone scams: warning to residents, 5 July 2017 (updated 30 September 2017)
    A resident has recently been contacted by a fake BT scammer, these are similar to the 'Microsoft Technical Support' callers regarding your computer.
    It's so easy to be caught out by these callers - please warn anyone who may be vulnerable to this or similar scams.
    More information is here.
    Stephanie Higgins (Membership) | Email

    Update from Police, 30 September 2017
    There have been reports of people claiming to be from Virgin Media, saying that their bill cannot be processed and that they will be cut off the next day. Another scam comes from someone claiming to be from Sky. In this case they typically say that the resident has overpaid their subscriptions and they need to be given a refund. Both of these types of call are no doubt intended to get your bank or credit card details. If you have any concerns about unexpected phone calls, please contact the company directly, using a phone number from a recent bill or from a phone book – never use a number given by the person calling you!
    Rachael Hushon | Email

  • Winter in the Lansdown Crescent area
    The LCA Committee wants to remind all members at this time of year, when the nights are darker and the weather outside is grey and cold, that some of our more senior neighbours may need a little extra help to go about their daily lives through the winter, be it:
    . popping to the shops,
    . reading utility meters,
    . making sure that pavements outside their front doors are clear of slip hazards,
    . being considerate when biking or jogging on narrow paths,
    . help with the refuse collection morning, or
    . just nipping round to make sure that they are OK.
    Making this extra effort through the winter can really make a big difference in our neighbourhood.
    Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

  • Click here for details of the planned changes to refuse collections for the LCA area from 6 November 2017
    Update 22 September 2017
    Further to our last posting regarding the refuse changes from November 6th, the Council have confirmed the following amendments to our arrangements:
    Lansdown Place East will in fact now retain weekly collections of refuse like the Crescent and Lansdown Place West and will receive a 70L reusable refuse bag;
    Upper Lansdown Mews and Dixon Gardens will be on the fortnightly collection but will in fact receive new wheelie bins like Somerset Lane and All Saints Road.
    Containers will be delivered from September 25th onwards; at that stage, we will learn which day will be our collection day. If you receive your new container please do not start using it until November 6th.
    Please remember that under the new arrangements only refuse which fits into the new containers will be taken by the council crews; any spare refuse will not be taken, will be considered as "side waste", and could result In an enforcement notice and fine.
    Rachael Hushon | Email

  • 7 and 8 Lansdown Crescent, 17 September 2017
    Members will remember that Karl Jaeger, who owned 7 and 8 Lansdown Crescent, died on 2nd November 2015. The double property was finally sold recently to Mr Ian Taylor, owner of the Kaleidoscope Collection Hotel Group in Bath. Ian and Christa intend to refurbish both houses and then to move from Cheltenham, where they are currently, to live in one of them (probably No.7). They hope to join the LCA too!
    Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

  • Neighbourly Parking, May 2017
    Although we live in a Controlled Parking Zone, and pay dearly for the privilege, there is still pressure on spaces, especially as these often have to be shared with builders’ vans, skips, etc. It is therefore incumbent on those of us with cars to park them in a responsible and neighbourly way, to optimise use of the spaces we have. Thus, if one lives in the Crescent or one of the three Places, and has a second car, parking it on the open side of the road helps and is thoughtful.
    Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

  • New Bath Preservation Trust pamphlet 'Making Changes', May 2017
    "... a new publication giving guidance on how to make changes to listed buildings in Bath. Endorsed by Historic England and B&NES Council's Historic Environment team, the Bath-specific publication aims to assist householders who are thinking about changing or adapting their listed building and want guidance on best practice and how to go about getting the relevant permissions. You can view it
    here, or apply for a hard copy by calling in at No.1 Royal Crescent. Should you wish to receive a copy in the post, please send a SAE for £1.50 with a request for a copy to Sacha Hunter, Bath Preservation Trust, No.1 Royal Crescent, Bath, BA1 2LR. For hard copies we are suggesting a voluntary donation of £5 to help cover our costs."
    Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

  • South Bath Transport Options, including the Cable Car Proposal: information and consultation event dates
    Notice from Curo:
    "A series of public consultations events will be held from the end of March about South Bath Transport Options. At the events a number of transport options for South Bath, which could help improve connectivity and tackle some of the city’s wider issues such as congestion and air quality will be on show – this includes proposals for a cable car amongst other options. Details can be found at, and comments are invited online."
    The consultation events have now concluded.
    LCA Response to Cable Car Proposal, 6 May
    The LCA have responded as follows to the proposal:
    "We do not accept that the data upon which this proposal has been based is robust enough.
    We do not see it substantially improving traffic congestion as a stand alone route rather we fear it may create more.
    We are concerned that it is a vanity project for Curo, and will be mostly used by tourists. Tourists are already well served in Bath.
    It would be intrusive on the skyline in a beautiful part of Bath.
    Residents should not have such an intrusion over the air space of their homes. The air rights are something which should be protected."
    Rachael Hushon |

  • Seagulls, 26 February 2017
    The Association has been asked by the Bath Small Business community, and by other Residents' Associations, to give an opinion on how the Bath seagull problem might be solved. With the full agreement of the Committee and Trustees, the following was provided:
    "The Lansdown Crescent Association strongly supports a seagull cull. Humane reduction of the seagull population is the only efficient method: others seem to have made no difference. Legal protection for seagulls was introduced in the noughties and has led to their widespread and wholly inappropriate invasion of some cities, including Bath: prior to that legislation, seagulls were kept in check by culling and nest destruction. They are certainly a disease hazard, Salmonella bacterium being one of them, and it’s possible that seagulls carry Norovirus, a major cause of diarrhoea and vomiting. Moreover, seagulls' highly corrosive and anti-social guano also damages car paintwork in only a few hours. No more research is needed. The money should be spent on directly reducing their numbers in cities, where they don't belong. It worked for pigeons in Trafalgar Square."
    For more information, contact:
    Robin Kerr (Chairman) |

    Update 29 April: the LCA is quoted in an article on this subject published on 24 April in the Bath Chronicle.

  • Invitation to join the Volunteer team at the Museum of East Asian Art, Bath, 25 October 2016
    "We are recruiting Visitor Services Volunteers to join our Volunteer team at the
    Museum of East Asian Art, particularly volunteers who can help us on weekday shifts 10am-1pm or 1pm-4pm and join the regular volunteer rota (weekly, monthly or occasional shifts). No specialist knowledge or language skills are needed - just plenty of enthusiasm!
    At the moment, we have opportunities for Visitor Services Volunteers who would like to cover these shifts:
  • Tuesdays 10am-1pm
  • Weds 10am-1pm & 1pm-4pm (1-4pm is a priority shift on Wednesdays)
  • Thursdays 10am-1pm & 1pm-4pm
    All volunteers have an opportunity to help at Museum events. See the events programme and the Museum website for details of events.
    Also, volunteers can join a weekly, informal drop-in Mandarin language group for beginners if they wish. This group meets on Monday afternoons at the Museum 3.30-4.30pm.
    To find out more about volunteering with us, especially becoming a Visitor Services Volunteer, please contact Jill Sutherland, our Visitor Services & Retail Manager, or Jane Sparrow, Volunteer Coordinator,, or call us on 01225 464466."

  • New University of Bath Community eNewsletter, 28 September 2016
    The University of Bath has launched an eNewsletter for the local community to keep everyone up to date with all the latest news and information. You can see the latest issue
    The email will be sent every other month and will include details of University development plans, community engagement, events on campus and throughout the city, research stories, special offers and more.
    To sign up to the newsletter just enter your email address here.

  • Hope House Unexploded Bomb, 12-13 May 2016
    here for more information.
    5 June update: on the home page of the B&NES website at under the heading 'Spotlight' there is presently a short video sequence about the Unexploded Bomb at Hope House.
    29 October update: the LCA's submission to the Federation of Bath Residents' Associations (FoBRA), detailing our concerns about the handling of the incident by B&NES and by Avon and Somerset Police, may be found here.
    If you would like to add your stories, links or photos to our record, please contact
    Mandy Shaw (Webmaster) | Email

  • Somerset Lane residents are once again delighted with the results of allowing their verges to 'Go Wild' in 2015.
    We congratulate the residents of the Lane on running a very successful, though fully subscribed, Book Club; please contact
    Marian McNeir (Events Secretary) | Email

    if you are interested in helping start another around the area.

  • Rotary Club appeal for unwanted bikes for Julian House's Bike Workshop project, 30 March 2015

    Association Events (archive)

  • Christmas 2017: LCA Party 15 December and Carol Singing 20 December
    The Lansdown Crescent Association Committee invites members to apply for tickets for our Christmas Party, with drinks and a buffet supper, on Friday, December 15th from 7 to 10 pm.
    We are most grateful to two LCA members for hosting this event.
    We are restricted on numbers so tickets, priced £12 each, will be issued to members only, on a first come, first served basis.
    For more information, contact:
    Marian McNeir (Events Secretary) | Email

    The annual Carol Singing will take place on Wednesday December 20th, led by Judith Liddell, in aid of Julian House as usual.
    More information will be circulated nearer the time.
    For more information, contact:
    Marian McNeir (Events Secretary) | Email

  • Other Local Events (
    Do you have a local event to publicise? Contact
    Marian McNeir |

  • Vigil and Sleep-In in Bath Abbey to mark the 30th anniversary of Julian House, Friday 17 November 2017
    For more information see

  • Millennium Green AGM, 22 November 2017
    The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the St. Stephen's Millennium Green Trust will take place on November 22nd at 7:00pm. The venue will be the foyer at St. Stephen's Church Lansdown. All are welcome and this is your opportunity to hear from the Trustees about what has happened on the Millennium Green over the past 12 months and what is planned for the future. It is also an opportunity to question the Trustees about the Millennium Green. Wine and refreshments will be served. Click
    here for details.

  • Millennium Green Talk & Tea, 18 November 2017, POSTPONED to 20 January 2018
    The next Millennium Green fundraising event with be an illustrated talk by Alastair Chalmers titled 'Egypt. Northwards up the Nile' on the afternoon of Saturday January 20th at the St. Stephen's Centre. The talk will be followed by tea and cakes. Click
    here for details.

  • Federation of Bath Residents' Associations Winter Reception, Tuesday 6th February 2018
    The FoBRA winter reception will take place in the Victoria Art Gallery, as usual, on Tuesday 6th February 2018. More information will be available in due course; all LCA members will then be welcome to apply for tickets.
    Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email