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Gallery 15
Snow in the Crescent

Last amended 15 November 2017
Gallery 102
Hope House under floodlights,
13th November 2017
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Gallery 101
Hope House development,
as at 13th November 2017
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Gallery 92
Beckford's wall, mended
20th July 2017
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Lansdown Place East, BA1 5ET
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Planning and Development (archive)
The Association Committee keep an eye on any planning applications for development in the area, and endeavour to assist members of the Association over any problems they may have with neighbourhood planning applications.

Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

It would be helpful if, when making any planning applications to your property, you could advise the Committee so that they are forewarned - please contact:
Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

Current Planning and Development Matters
14 Lansdown Place East
11 Lansdown Place East
Development of the Former Royal High Junior School Site (Hope House)

  • 14 Lansdown Place East, planning application consultation expiring 12 October 2017
    An application (17/04352/LBA) has been lodged requesting permission to install Georgian style double doors between the two ground floor rooms.
    Comments may be submitted via the above link (expiry date for consultation is 12 October).
    James Whatmore (Planning Adviser) | Email

  • 11 Lansdown Place East has been sold, and will be refurbished on behalf of the buyer by Lydia Fay (a developer, reputedly of the highest quality, who has already done a couple of houses in Somerset Place). Listed Building Consent has been sought to carry out extensive works (Ref. 16/04836/LBA). LCA Committee member, James Whatmore, who knows the house well, has studied the application and considers it to be acceptable. Expiry date for comment is 3 November 2016.
    11 Lansdown Place East: Update 5 July 2017
    The developer has now removed the partition between the two rooms on the ground floor, breaking the owner's listed building consent as above.
    The LCA has raised the matter with B&NES, who have confirmed that Planning Enforcement are involved. We understand from the Bath Preservation Trust that the owner is being instructed to reinstate the partition using lath and plaster.
    Personal letters of support would strengthen the Council's case: please send these to Planning Enforcement, Martin_Almond@BATHNES.GOV.UK.
    Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

    11 Lansdown Place East: Update 6 October 2017
    A new application (17/04256/LBA) has been submitted seeking to regularise the unauthorised knocking through of the wall between the two ground floor rooms. We understand from B&NES that they intend to refuse this.
    James Whatmore (Planning Adviser) | Email

  • Development of the Former Royal High Junior School Site (Hope House)
    The Committee have been in close communication with the developer, Square Bay Developments (now Acorn Property). There will be a total of 57 units of housing, with Hope House being converted into flats. Upper access will be through the existing entrance at the top of the Shrubbery, and there will be a single carriageway road at the bottom of the site from Park Street Mews. All car parking will be on the site. The green land is to be protected.

  • Hope House Site Redevelopment Update, 26 October 2017
    The developers, JJ Rhatigan, issued
    this update on 24 October; the various blocks referred to are as shown on this diagram.
    Details of the planning and development history of the estate, and of the LCA’s interventions to date, will be found below. The latest artist’s impressions will be found here.
    The LCA continues to watch for potential impact on residents, both during development and subsequently:
  • Any departure from the approved architecture and landscaping, or any impact on the parkland, with particular reference to the effect on views from Lansdown Place East/Lansdown Crescent and across Bath;
  • Any protrusion of the roof line of Block D above the Lansdown Place East wall;
  • The extensive delays, partly caused by a site survey that missed both the bomb and the need to divert a sewer;
  • The continuing pavement closure (expected to remain in place for at least another year) and any further interference with driver sightlines due to the hoardings;
  • The fact that the parking on the finished estate is expected to be inadequate.
    Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

  • Parking on the Hope House Estate, 13 May 2017
    Members will have heard rumours of inadequate parking provision on the Upper Hope House site (ie fewer than one parking space per dwelling) as this would be likely to lead to efforts by future residents to park on surrounding streets (for example in Lansdown Place East), notwithstanding statements from the Council that applications for Zone 11 permits would be refused. Accordingly, the Association recently approached the developer (Acorn) to ask if they wished to seek additional parking provision by variation of the planning permission, and, if so, would our support be helpful? Their answer was that, (a) following some rearrangement, the shortfall is now quite low, and (b) although the Local Planning Authority would be open to some expansion of the parking provision, no space can be found on site.
    Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

  • Hope House Site Redevelopment, Newsletter, 26 April 2017
  • Hope House Site Redevelopment, Update 3 April 2017
    Lee Jones (JJ Rhatigan, upper site developers) writes:
    "I can confirm that work has started back on site on the retaining wall to the ramp and also the crane base. I can also confirm that the site offices will now be all on one level and not stacked which will please the residents to the lower end of the site.
    Retaining wall ongoing.
    Block D foundations to start in 4 weeks.
    Block C foundation to start in 5 weeks.
    Tower crane installation in 3 weeks."
  • Hope House Site Redevelopment: Brief Update, 14 March 2017
    Lee Jones (JJ Rhatigan, upper site developers) writes:
    "We are in a period of design at present and the piling finished quicker than we planned. There will be a 2 week break on site while we are finalising details on the design."
  • Hope House Site Redevelopment: Lansdown Grove Presentation Follow-up, 23 February 2017
    Lee Jones (JJ Rhatigan, upper site developers) writes:
    "First let me thank you for all your time on Thursday last week. It was great to meet you all and try and understand your concerns with the development.
    "We have set up a
    OneDrive file share location where you can download or view the presentation and the video walk through you saw on the day.
    "I have also as promised uploaded the planting and tree schedule for the development so you can see the level of planting and the sizes and species. Our plan is to have an update weekly on ongoing works on site and a monthly newsletter that will be sent to all of you. We would also like to have an open house every 3 months for you all to come down and meet face to face with myself and the team. I think the first one will be in May and as the weather should be on the turn we will try and have a BBQ meet and greet for everyone.
    "Once again thank you for your time and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact with me."
  • Hope House Site Redevelopment: Lansdown Grove Presentations - Corrected Invitation to Residents re Thursday 16 February 2017
  • Hope House Site Redevelopment: Development Update from Kelly Brown, Acorn Project Manager, 16 January 2017
    The application for Hoarding signage has been approved by B&NES and will be installed w/c 23rd January 2017. Working times are restricted to between 0930-1500hrs and traffic management will be place for the works.
    A new piling rig will be delivered to site over the coming days to commence with bearing piles to each of the blocks. Attenuation stormcell
    [for surface water attenuation] will also be installed and a new site setup put in place for the construction.
    We are now in Contract with JJ Rhatigans who will be undertaking construction of the upper site. Our plan is to hold a residents' meeting early Feb at the Lansdown Grove Hotel where JJR’s Construction Team introduce themselves, carry out a short presentation regarding the construction/logistics, sequencing, programme etc. and then they will be available to answer any queries residents have. Once we have a confirmed date with the Hotel I will send out an invite (post and email) and display notices around the site.

  • Hope House Site Redevelopment: Developer's Newsletter no.6, October 2016
  • Hope House Site Redevelopment: Developer's Newsletter no.5, August 2016
  • Hope House Site Redevelopment: Developer's Newsletter no.4, May 2016
  • Hope House Site Redevelopment: Developer's Newsletter no.3, April 2016
  • Hope House Site Redevelopment: Developer's Newsletter no.2, March 2016
  • Hope House Site Redevelopment: Developer's Newsletter no.1, October 2015
  • Hope House Affordable Housing - 27 November update
    The LCA now understands that B&NES has permitted Acorn to proceed without constructing any affordable housing, but that they have the right, dependent on Acorn's profits, to claw back funds to be applied to such housing elsewhere.
    Meanwhile, Delia Jay (most recent past LCA Secretary) has had
    a letter published in the Chronicle on this subject.
  • Hope House Hoarding Advertising, update 1 November 2016
    Residents can see the final advertising which has been granted approval at, where they will see that what is permitted is greatly reduced from the original application, with none at the junction of Lansdown Road and Lansdown Place East, and no large, distracting pictures. The comments of the Council’s Traffic Officer are particularly appropriate.
  • Proposal for Sales Advertising on Hoardings, September 2016
    Acorn has applied to B&NES for permission to cover the Hope House hoardings with
    sales advertising (see Fig 5 particularly). This is classed as "temporary", but would in fact be there for about 2 years. We have the chance to object until 6th October. Click here to view existing comments and to submit your own.
    Please see also our latest Pavement Closure update, given that the proposed advertising will clearly distract drivers.
  • No affordable housing to be provided in Hope House, September 2016
    Acorn have now informed the LCA that
    "Due to the increased costs associated with the site that were unforeseen at the time of acquisition ([Unexploded Ordnance], unforeseen drainage diversions, contamination, increased traffic management obligations, spring water systems and current construction market) the development was assessed and was found not to support any affordable housing on site or off site."
    The Association has enquired how, in that case, Acorn plans to fulfil its affordable housing obligation; it awaits a response.
  • Hope House 15/04715/FUL: update, 19 September 2016
    The application at the above link has now been approved by B&NES.
  • Hope House 15/04715/FUL: update, 27 November 2015
    This consultation is now closed. The Association's Comment sought extra drawings from Acorn's architect to clarify the line of the wall in Lansdown Place East versus the roof ridgeline of Block D. These were submitted and are now able to be viewed on B&NES’ website.
  • Hope House - revised Planning Application 15/04715/FUL, 10 November 2015
    Click on the link above to read the LCA's Comment. This consultation is now closed.
  • Hope House Development Progress - New Developer, August 2015
    The change of Hope House site ownership has finally been confirmed. The Chairman and Treasurer met the new Developer on 31st July. It is Acorn Property, whose representative is Mr Robin Squire, based in Bristol. He was introduced to LCA by Markham Hanson of Squarebay.
    Design: Acorn are committed to the existing and approved ground plan, and largely to the existing design, but would like to make some "adjustments". In particular, they want to retain the "Georgian extension" to Hope House, but probably with a mansard roof, and to adjust the subdivision into apartments of other blocks, but to retain the affordable element as proposed by Squarebay. They hope to be able to achieve all this without seeking a revision of the planning permission. LCA warned against making a new application for fear of delay and getting mired in argument, repeating the Association's aims for this scheme (buildings in sympathy with Hope House, preservation of the parkland, and no new buildings higher than the wall on Lansdown Place East).
    Programme: Acorn will be making some ground investigations in the next couple of weeks. They want to proceed with building the four houses at the bottom of the site as soon as possible, and with the demolition and groundworks for the upper site - perhaps even as soon as this winter, once a contractor has been chosen. LCA urged them to clear up the site straight away, as its current state is a disgrace.
    Build: Access for the upper and lower sites will be only by the existing gates. LCA insisted on negotiation of a Traffic Management Plan for use of the surrounding streets, as almost any route will lead to difficulty and conflict with local residents and drivers.
    Communications: Acorn propose to hold a public meeting in Hope House very soon. LCA suggested they might like also to create a website to provide a platform where news can be displayed, adding that the Association would be happy to publicise this, and other aspects, to its members.
  • Hope House Development Progress, March 2015
    In November the Council approved the development of the upper part of the site. Square Bay Developments are still addressing Planning Conditions, and have recently won an Appeal concerning the previous whole-site application. While they intend shortly to do some tidying of the site, they do not expect to start site work in earnest until the late spring; or they might sell the site, with planning permission, to another developer.
  • Hope House Planning Application 14/04184/FUL - Decision, 19 November 2014
    The Council's Development Control Committee has this afternoon approved this planning application, covering the Hope House upper site.
  • Hope House Planning Application 14/04184/FUL - Support by LCA, 23 October 2014
    The Lansdown Crescent Association Committee has examined planning application 14/04184/FUL and decided at its meeting on 22nd October to support it, in the following words:
    "The Lansdown Crescent Association (LCA) supports planning application 14/04184/FUL for redevelopment of the upper part of the Hope House site because it broadly fulfils the three aims of the Association:
    1. To preserve the glorious parkland in the centre of the site.
    2. For the buildings erected there to be largely in sympathy with Hope House (listed grade II) itself.
    3. For none of those buildings to be higher than the top edge of the wall on the south side of Lansdown Place East (LPE), though it is noted that there is proposed to be a minor exception opposite 1 LPE."
    Robin Kerr
    Chairman, Lansdown Crescent Association
  • Hope House - new planning application, ref. 14/04184/FUL, October 2014
    Further to the item dated 3rd September, Squarebay have submitted a new application, identical to the previous one, but omitting the four houses at the bottom of the site. The LCA Committee will be meeting on 22nd October to consider how to respond, after which further guidance will be published. Deadline for responses to the Council is 30th October.
  • Hope House Decision, 3 September 2014
    The Council's Development Control Committee finally met on 3rd Sept to consider the Hope House Planning Application. The members generally welcomed the proposals for the upper part of the site (53 dwellings) but disliked the modern nature of the four houses proposed for the lower part (to be accessed from Park Street Mews). As legal considerations did not permit them to approve one but refuse the other, they refused the whole scheme, by a majority of 7 to 5. The way ahead is now up to the developer, Squarebay. What would seem likely to happen is a submission for approval solely of the upper proposals: and a redesign of the lower scheme, with separate planning application (or its abandonment). All of this will take time, and, of course, any applications will, again, be open to public consultation.
  • Update on Planning Application, August 2014
    The Council's Development Control Committee has visited the Hope House site and is likely to make a decision on Squarebay's updated planning application (Ref.13/04235/FUL) on 27th August.
  • Update on Planning Application, 26 June 2014
  • Summary of Meeting with Squarebay, 5 June 2014
  • Summary of Current Situation, 5 April 2014
  • LCA comment on planning application, 1 November 2013
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