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LCA Work Party – Pavements – 1400 Sunday 28th July

Following the Council’s mighty effort in April, when they removed 42 sacks of earth and rubbish from our roads and pavements, we need to maintain the area, so we’re organizing a LCA work party at 1400 on Sunday 28th July.  Particular focus will be pavement encroachment by ivy and lopping of overhead branches on the south side of Lansdown Place East (LPE), but if anyone knows of additional bits that need attention, please tell Simon Brand, our Secretary.  Shovels and sacks will be provided by the Council.  Meet opposite 12 LPE.  Bring your favourite tools (eg loppers) and tough gloves.


The Association held a successful Community Street Clearance Campaign in Lansdown Place East on Sunday 28thJuly, with 42 bags of rubbish collected.  The Council loaned us 6 shovels, 4 brushes, a hoe and a barrow, as well as giving us lots of bags. Nine members of the Association took part: Craig Jones, James & Mary Birch, Sue & Antony Branfoot, James Freeman, Sarah & Robin Kerr, and Adam Barnes. They worked for 2½ hours, the aims being, principally: (a) to clear the pavement from the litter bin to the start of the Crescent of ivy and bramble intrusion, and of low hanging branches, both of which were impeding pedestrians; and (b) to clear the upper part of the path (from the litter bin towards Chapel House) of ivy and nettle intrusion, which had narrowed it from its usual 3m width to about half a metre in places.  In addition, some weed and gravel clearance of gutters in Lansdown Place East and Lansdown Crescent took place, and an initial start was made on clearance of the path from Chapel House to Park Street from ivy intrusion, overhanging branches, nettles and brambles, but there is plenty of work left for another Community Street Clearance Campaign in a few months’ time!

Robin Kerr, 29thJuly.

A word of thanks from our Councillor:

Many thanks for your efforts on this.
Please do, though, pass on mine and Lucy’s thanks to all the volunteers from the Association who helped with this. I know Dave Wood (Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency and Neighbourhood Services) is really keen to encourage to
encourage this kind of activity, and it’s great to see a residents
association undertaking work like this on its own initiative. If you’re planning anything similar in the future, please do let us know.

Best wishes,

Mark Elliott
Liberal Democrat Councillor for Lansdown

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David Briggs Film Improvisation "Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde" - Sun 8th September

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde poster.jpg

Dear friends of Christ Church,

To celebrate the completion of the rebuild of our organ, I am planning a series of organ recitals in the Autumn.  For the first of these, on Sunday 8th Sept, we are very fortunate to have secured internationally famous recital organist David Briggs.  Having started his career as organ scholar at King's College Cambridge, he held posts at Truro and Gloucester Cathedral's in the UK, before moving to North America, where his main post is now as "Artist in Residence" at St John the Divine in New York.

Rather than a "straight" organ recital, we are hosting what we hope will be a very exciting and inspiring musical event with a wide appeal.  After playing a couple of solo opening pieces, David will then improvise a soundtrack to the 1920 classic silent movie "Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde" with the film displayed on a big screen at the front of the church.  As well as being a technically brilliant player David is an expert improviser, and I'm sure this will be a thrilling musical and cinematic treat.

Tickets are available from Bath Box Office:

Or directly from church if that's more convenient.

Please come, and bring lots of friends!  Attached is poster advertising the event.  Printed copies are available from church - if you can think of somewhere good to put up a poster, please pick one up!  I would really like to see the church full of people for this.

Best wishes,


Lansdown Crescent Summer Party 2019

Summer Party LCA 2019 Final.jpg