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The council will be resurfacing an upper stretch of Lansdown Road overnight from 29 July for up to two weeks.  This may affect the travel of some of your residents.

A statement from the council says:

"As part of the approved 2019/20 Highway Maintenance Capital Programme <> we will be undertaking resurfacing works to Lansdown Road, Lansdown, Bath, from the Junction of Granville Road to a point just past College Road, commencing on Monday 29th July 2019. The works are proposed to be undertaken under full road closures during the NIGHT between 19.00 and 07.00 hours and are expected to take up to 2 weeks.

During the works there will be a full road closure with NO VEHICULAR ACCESS (except for restricted access to residents when safe to do so) and a local signed diversion route will be in place. Unfortunately the nature of the work and machinery required means it is not possible for us to complete the works in a way where we can maintain vehicular access, however the road will be re-opened each morning on completion of the nights scheduled works. The works could be disrupted if we experience inclement weather and we will do our best to let everyone know if the timings need to change as a result."
The consultation letter we've received says that emergency vehicles will always have access.


Lost lorry (18 June 2018)
12th June 18 – Lorry clutch problem at LPE junction, but no damage!

Bus stop 31 Park and Ride (24 May 2018)

Amended 6th June 2018
It has been pointed out since the posting below, that not everyone is in favour of maintaining the current position of this bus stop. Some residents living near the current stop are inconvenienced by noise and fumes. The Committee cannot therefore represent the views of all its members in this matter. Members who wish to make their views known before any decision is made are encouraged to contact our ward councillors as below, clearly indicating their preference and the reasons for this. Whatever the decision, it seems unlikely that all will be satisfied.


Bus stop 31 Park and Ride (24 May 2018) 
With the completion of the Hope House development will come the possibility of a relocation of the 31 Bus Stop, currently at the end of Upper Lansdown Mews. Members will remember that this was moved to here from its position outside Hope House. That position facilitated access to the school but originally the stop was at its current location. For several reasons this is seen as a more favourable location and we are keen to ensure it stays there. For example, the stop is in a less dangerous position than on the bend in the road, access to the Mews and Crescent is easier, not involving an ascent and it seems likely this position will be favoured by new occupants of Hope House. If you agree please make your views known to our ward councillors Patrick Anketell-Jones,, or Anthony Clarke at

Parking permits (27 April 2018)

Residents may already understand the sometimes complex rules of parking in our area. Those who moved here more recently may welcome some help.
Residents are entitled to purchase permits from B&NES, details of which can be found here:
Visitor permits are also explained from this site by scrolling down. You can either buy paper (one day) permits or join the electronic version by clicking on the link in the text there, which allows payment by the hour:
You will need to visit the One Stop Shop in Manvers Street to purchase paper permits. 

Of course in addition to these options there are some zones that allow 2 hour or 4 hour parking (see signs) but these are usually busy.

Traffic News 2017-18 (22 April 2018)

Hope House hoardings
Following pressure from the LCA Committee, the Hope House hoardings were eventually set back from the road enough to restore satisfactory visibility for traffic exiting Lansdown Place East. Fortunately this was before any serious accidents occurred, though one resident was knocked from his moped and there were several near misses.

Hope House development: inappropriate access and parking
On occasions, large lorries and other vehicles intended for Hope House have been seen accessing and parking in the Crescent. Photographs and emails sent to the builders, Rhatigans, have been partly successful in reducing this but we need to be diligent to ensure compliance with planning conditions.

No Loading/Unloading signs
Following pressure from the Association and a meeting with the Lansdown Grove Hotel manager, we are pleased that a Traffic Regulatory Order has been placed that restricts loading and unloading outside the hotel. Although no signs have yet appeared, since 22 January loading and unloading are not permitted during peak hours in the morning and afternoon. This has already eased the chaos for those driving in and out of Lansdown Place East.

Speed enforcement
Last autumn, enforcement cameras were used briefly in Cavendish Road. This provided an opportunity to raise the issue of repeater frequency in our area. We are pleased to report that in early March, additional 20mph repeaters were placed in Lansdown Place West and the Crescent, so now there are no excuses and police enforcement may follow.

Cobbles in the Crescent
A small subgroup of the Committee discussed this idea with Rhys Brookes, architect of our 2016 Finials Project. As predicted, the matter is extremely complex and potentially very expensive. Whilst perhaps desirable from an aesthetic viewpoint, we felt that the fundamental purpose of reducing speed in Lansdown Place West and the Crescent would not be met and that therefore the cost and upheaval was disproportionate to the gain.

Enhancements to Julian Road/Cavendish Road Junction

traffic image.jpg

Despite the presence of a 20mph speed limit, traffic travelling from Weston Road across into Julian Road averages 32mph. This poses a particular danger to cars emerging from Marlborough Buildings.

To slow traffic, and thus to improve safety, B&NES proposes to reduce the road width and to introduce low (1.5cm) cobbled ramps.
In addition, the Weston Road parking spaces between the bottom of Cavendish Road and the golf course entrance will be moved to the other side of the road; the 20A (westbound) bus stop will be moved nearer to the Victoria Park entrance; and an eastbound electronic speed warning will be introduced.

Once the main work begins, Marlborough Buildings down to the Royal Victoria Park entrance will become one-way, north to south, for around 12 weeks. Subsequent work will be carried out at night.

The sign placed at the corner of Lansdown Road and Lansdown Place East has been successful in reducing access by coaches and HGVs. However a similar sign for coaches is needed at the bottom of Cavendish Road, where the restriction currently only applies to HGVs. The Committee have requested this from B&NES. 

Optimal use of parking spaces
Given the considerable pressure on parking spaces in our area, residents of Lansdown Crescent, Somerset Place, and Lansdown Places East and West are strongly encouraged to use the permit spaces on the open side of the road in preference to parking in front of others’ properties.
Nick Bishop, Traffic

Coach in Lansdown Crescent, April 2018

Coach in Lansdown Crescent, April 2018

Helping to enforce the ban on coaches in Lansdown Crescent and the Places, 14 October 2017

The "No access" sign at the entrance to Lansdown Place East off Lansdown Road has been very effective (so far) in thwarting the coach companies who want to take a scenic route along the Crescent on their way to the Royal Crescent (many not even stopping in Bath, but continuing on with their tours to Stonehenge).
Any Coach companies who have ignored the sign have been responsive when 'phoned and informed of the no through access for coaches. Many have committed not to travel this route (especially when sent photos of their coaches grounded at the very tight junction with Cavendish Road).
However all of the Committee's efforts may be tested again soon as the Council are considering making the Royal Avenue (the road in front of the Royal Crescent) one of several coach drop off points for coach parties (now that the Council has redeveloped the Council owned Avon Street Coach Park).
We want to make sure that the drivers and companies observe the signage and don't take this potentially damaging route to the Royal Avenue drop off point, given the historic buildings and narrow streets that could be placed at risk.
Please let us know if you see any increased coach journeys and if possible get a photo with the registration. Please forward via email or text to:
Rachael Hushon | Email

Rachael has been making contact with these companies to politely request that their drivers don't take this route.

Trying to keep the HGVs out.jpg

Enforcement of 20mph limit in Cavendish Road, 8 October 2017

For some time our members have been complaining about the excessive speed of some vehicles in the Places and Crescent, supported in part by evidence from measurements. We have also encouraged policing of this in the hope of deterring speeding motorists. It has come to the Committee's attention that police or traffic officers have been operating in Cavendish Road recently; at least two members have been issued with Fixed Penalty Notices for exceeding 20mph and not by very much! You have been warned!

Nick Bishop (Traffic) | Email

Note also that mobile speed camera enforcement schedules can always be found here.

B&NES Parking Proposals, including prevention of loading outside the Lansdown Grove Hotel, 30 September 2017
Please click here for details of the proposals. Local residents are encouraged to support the ban on loading outside the Lansdown Grove; the closing date for responses is 19 October.

Update 15 December
The LCA is pleased to say that we have now heard from B&NES that, from 22 January 2018, loading will not be permitted outside the Lansdown Grove between 07:00 and 10:00 and between 16:00 and 19:00.
More information will be found here, here, and here.

Nick Bishop (Traffic) | Email