Police and Neighbourhood Watch Archive

Crime Alert from Police: 12/01/18 7164 CS218-CS226 Rogue Traders and Nottingham Knockers (12 January 2018)
"There have been numerous reports of Rogue Traders and so-called “Nottingham Knockers” operating throughout the Bath & North East Somerset area recently. Unknown males were trying to sell garden furniture to a resident of North Road, Combe Down at approximately 2pm on Thursday 11 January, and there have been reports of Nottingham Knockers in Farrington Gurney at 4pm on Thursday 11 January, where the callers became verbally aggressive when the resident refused to buy anything. They have also been in High Littleton at 4.15pm on Thursday and Newbridge Road in Bath.
"Nottingham Knockers are cold callers who tell residents they are ex-offenders trying to go straight, then try and sell poor quality and over-priced cleaning products. The police want to remind residents they are under no obligation to answer the door to anyone they don’t know or aren’t expecting. If you do talk to them, they are supposed to be able to provide a valid Pedlar’s Certificate and should leave your property when asked.
"Be wary of all cold-callers offering to do work on your home, as they can offer over-priced or unnecessary services, or put pressure on residents to agree to the work. Traders must give you a written quote from their business address, which should include a 14-day cancellation period before the work starts. You should always use recognised companies or people who have been recommended to you by a trusted source.
"If you are approached by these callers, please contact the police giving as much information as you can on their physical appearance, age, height, clothing etc. The registration number of any vehicles they are driving is also helpful."

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Telephone scams: warning to residents, 5 July 2017 (updated 30 September 2017)
A resident has recently been contacted by a fake BT scammer, these are similar to the 'Microsoft Technical Support' callers regarding your computer.
It's so easy to be caught out by these callers - please warn anyone who may be vulnerable to this or similar scams.
More information is here.
Stephanie Higgins (Membership) | Email

Update from Police, 30 September 2017
There have been reports of people claiming to be from Virgin Media, saying that their bill cannot be processed and that they will be cut off the next day. Another scam comes from someone claiming to be from Sky. In this case they typically say that the resident has overpaid their subscriptions and they need to be given a refund. Both of these types of call are no doubt intended to get your bank or credit card details. If you have any concerns about unexpected phone calls, please contact the company directly, using a phone number from a recent bill or from a phone book - never use a number given by the person calling you!
Rachael Hushon | Email

Police Public Forum, 28 September 2017
31/08/17 7164 CS218-CS226 Public Forum
PCC Sue Mountstevens will be holding a Police Public Forum at the Guildhall in Bath on September 28th 2017, from 6:45 onwards.
The Guildhall address is as follows: Council Chamber, Guildhall, Bath, Guildhall, High St, City Centre, Bath, BA1 5AW.
Sue Mountstevens will be joined by Chief Constable Andy Marsh as well as a representative from your local neighbourhood policing team. The Public Forum is a chance for you to hear from the PCC, Chief Constable and local neighbourhood team about policing in Avon and Somerset, as well as giving you an opportunity to ask your questions.
If you wish to send us your questions in advance, please use the phone number or email address provided below.
If you are interested in attending this event, please visit this page to register on Eventbrite for free tickets. Alternatively you can call the PCC’s office on 01275 816377 or email us at PCC@avonandsomerset.pnn.police.uk.
Rachael Hushon | Email

Beware aggressive joggers, 22 September 2017
One of our members was recently almost knocked to the ground by a dangerous jogger and his dog. Only the quick action of her friend saved a very nasty accident when the jogger (male, 30s, black, wearing red jogging suit) ran straight at her on the footpath by the Dell to Park Street. He then dragged his dog between them nearly causing both ladies to fall. His attitude was very aggressive. He disappeared down Park Street.
Marian McNeir | Email

Crime rates across Bath, 4 August 2017
The Chronicle have published an interactive map showing every crime in Bath between January and April this year, and demonstrating reassuringly low levels of crime in our area: click here to see the map.

Alert to Residents, 23 June 2017
Dear Neighbours
We want to alert you to a frightening incident encountered by one of our members last night. Whilst out walking her dog along the Crescent at 9.30pm a man who came from All Saints Road walked in parallel with her (on the field side pavement); he was uttering abusive and sexual language whilst watching her and in her opinion he seemed unstable. He exited the Crescent via the entrance to Upper Lansdown Mews East. She has reported this to the police.
Please be mindful whilst out walking, our member in particular wants to remind teenage girls not to use the alleyway to the rear of Lansdown Place East if alone.
Stephanie Higgins (Membership) | Email

Crime Alert from Local Police, 21 February 2017
21/02/17 7164CS219 Crimes
The following incidents have occurred in your area recently:
At approximately 2pm on Monday February the 20th a lone female was approached by two unknown males on Julian Road. They have then demanded her purse, which was handed over. The only description available at the moment is that one of the males was wearing a blue and white hoody and the other was wearing a black one.

Between 1 and 1.30pm on Monday February the 20th, a resident of Greenbank Gardens, Upper Weston, witnessed an unknown male enter his house. When the offender spotted the resident he has jumped from the first floor window into the back garden, and then ran off towards Chandler Close. It was later discovered that the culprit had stolen money from the property.
If you have any information regarding these incidents, please contact the Police on 101. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Crime Alert from Local Police, 27 January 2017
27/01/17 7164 CN201-CS226 Nottingham Knockers
Please be aware there have been reports of "Nottingham Knockers" in the area. These are groups of people who call at the door, often claiming to be ex-offenders "trying to go straight", selling overpriced, poor quality cleaning products. They can be very persuasive and often intimidating in getting people to hand over money, and will target elderly or vulnerable people. The Police recommend that residents are wary when answering the door to people they don't know. Always engage a door chain before opening the door, and ensure that any other entrance to your home is secure before you do so. Pedlars are supposed to show a Pedlar's Certificate that has been issued by the Police, but please don't always assume that what they show is genuine.
We are continuing to ask people for information on any other types of rogue traders, especially those that put leaflets through the door offering gardening or repair services, tarmacking or driveway repairs. Please discuss these leaflets with your Neighbourhood Watch contact:
Delia Jay | Email

Any other information you can provide would also be helpful, such as the date and time it was delivered, a description of the callers and details of any vehicle used. If someone in your area is actually using such a service, please let us know immediately so we can check they are a genuine tradesperson.
If you have any information regarding an incident, please contact the Police on 101.

Latest Crime Alerts from Local Police, 8 January 2017
06/01/17 7164 CS219-226 Distraction Burglary
At approximately 2pm on Wednesday January the 4th, an unknown male has called at a residence on Sydney Place, Bath, claiming to be from BT and needing to check her phones. The resident showed him where the phones were located, then left the culprit unattended until he suddenly left the premises. It was then found that he had searched the property and has stolen cash.
The Police want to remind residents to ensure that they use a chain when answering the door. Always ask for photo identification and if you have concerns, phone the company they claim to be representing using a telephone number you know to be correct. Never use a phone number given by the caller. If you feel vulnerable about answering the door, consider joining or starting a Nominated Neighbour scheme. Please ensure that any elderly or vulnerable neighbours, friends or relatives are aware of this type of crime and the actions they need to take.
06/01/17 7164 CS219-221 Car crime
We're investigating after almost 30 vehicles were found with smashed windows in on Wednesday January 4th.
Twelve were damaged in Weston Road, five in Warminster Road, four in Bathwick Hill and three in Mill Lane. A total of three more vehicles were damaged in Sydney Road, Lansdown Grove and Bathampton Lane.
Most of the vehicles, which include cars and vans, appear to have been searched and some callers have reported items being stolen including loose change, sweets, audio cables and a satnav. Others have said nothing was taken, or are not yet sure if anything is missing. A number of people reported seeing the damaged vehicles while on their way to work, often before the owners were aware, and officers are grateful for their help.
Neighbourhood Inspector Adrian Fallows said: "I would always encourage people to lock their vehicles and set the alarm and immobiliser, especially when leaving it overnight. I'd also ask anyone who hears smashing glass and a car alarm sounding to have a look and call us straight away on 101 if property has been damaged or 999 if you see a suspect. We did have a number of calls from people on their way to work who had noticed damaged vehicles and taken the time to contact us, and I would like to thank those people. Officers are carrying out house-to-house enquiries in the areas affected by these incidents and we'd like to hear from anyone who noticed anything suspicious in these streets overnight."
If you have any information regarding these incidents, please contact the Police on 101. Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Crime Alert from Local Police, 5 December 2016
We are warned of the likelihood of a crime spike around Christmas.
"The following incidents have occurred in your area recently: Between 6.30 and 7.20pm on Friday December the 2nd, unknown person(s) have smashed a kitchen window to gain entry to a residence on Hantone Hill. Once inside, they have located a spare set of car keys and then taken the vehicle. The car in question is a grey Audi A3, with the registration number WN66PLX.
Between 5pm on Saturday December the 3rd and 3am the following morning, unknown offender(s) have broken into a residence on Greenbank Gardens. The culprit(s) have forced open the front door before entering and stealing items from within.
If you have any information regarding these incidents, please contact the Police on 101. Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111."

Lansdown Police Beat Surgery Dates-2016 (January 2016)
To be held in the Foyer at St Stephen's Church, Lansdown, on the following Saturdays from 10am-12 noon:
16th January (Notes)
16th April
16th July
10th September
19th November
A reminder that your local police team are holding a Beat Surgery at St Stephen's Church, Lansdown on July 16th from 10:00am till 12:00 mid-day.
Please drop in with any problems or concerns you have in your area or any crime prevention advice we can help with.
However if you feel like stopping by just for a chat and a coffee we will be very pleased to see you.

Quarterly Beat Meeting notes, 7 November 2015
Last week there was a worrying incident outside Weston All Saints Primary School. As a result the Head Teacher sent an alert to all primary schools in Bath, warning parents and children to be vigilant. It is alleged that a man driving an old taxi approached an 11 year old girl near the school. The child’s mother raised the alarm and issued a warning via her Facebook page. The man has since contacted the local police station and has been interviewed by the police who are fully investigating. Our Ward Councillors who were at the Beat meeting are keeping a close eye on this.
We have also experienced a spike in opportunist petty theft and break ins recently. Garages to the rear of Lansdown Place West and Lansdown Crescent have been broken into and doors tampered with. In addition, cars parked on Lansdown Crescent have been broken into and residents enjoying a party on Halloween evening (they had left their door open for guests) had several laptops stolen. Our Local Officers reminded us to be mindful over the darker winter period of the security of our property.

Alert from Local Police - Crime Spike, 7 August 2015
In the last two days there have been two cars broken into and two housesburgled in the North area of Bath.
Entry to a house in Bannerdown was via a locked patio door. A pane of glass was broken and a TV was stolen.
Entry to a house on Lansdown Road was through the front window, which was broken. A laptop and iPad were stolen.
Two cars were also broken into on or near Lansdown Road; in each case a window was broken and small items were stolen.

Message from Crimestoppers, 9 June 2015
We have been alerted to a small number of calls where scammers have been impersonating our call handlers and asking for people's personal information, including their bank details.
A group of scammers have 'hijacked' our 0800 555 111 number. The scammers are calling people, saying they are "Crimestoppers at the Home Office" and directing them to our website to clarify our number. They are then asking for personal details.
Crimestoppers has never, and will never, make cold calls to members of the public asking for any personal details, so if anyone does receive a call like this please report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

Neighbourhood Watch News, 9 May 2015
Neighbourhood Watch News, 9 May 2015

April 2015 Beat Bobby Meeting Report (14 April 2015)
April 2015 Beat Bobby Meeting Report, 14 April 2015
Delia Jay | Email

Neighbourhood Watch News, 1 January 2015
Neighbourhood Watch News, 1 January 2015

Neighbourhood Watch-Breaking News, 13 November 2014
Neighbourhood Watch-Breaking News, 13 November 2014
Delia Jay | Email

Neighbourhood Watch News, October 2014
Neighbourhood Watch News, October 2014
Delia Jay | Email

Neighbourhood Watch News, August 2014
Neighbourhood Watch News, August 2014
Delia Jay | Email

Neighbourhood Watch News, May 2014
The Association is looking for additional volunteer Neighbourhood Watch officers. If you are interested, or for general information about Neighbourhood Watch and about our local Police, see the dedicated page.
The next meeting with our local Beat Officers will be at St Stephen's Church Centre, 10am-12 noon, on Saturday 26th July 2014.

3 January 2014: Door Knockers Stolen in Lansdown Place East
The Committee is aware of several door knockers having been stolen in this incident. If you have lost yours and have not notified us, please contact
Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

30 October 2013: Crime Alert Message from Police
Over the past week, Bath has suffered a series of incidents where cash points in the city centre have been tampered with.
Please be vigilant when using cash points; be aware of your surroundings, cover the key pad when entering your pin and report anything suspicious.