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Lansdown Road Resurfacing - 29th July 2019

The council will be resurfacing an upper stretch of Lansdown Road overnight from 29 July for up to two weeks. Please click here for further information.

LCA Work Party – Pavements – 1400 Sunday 28th July 2019
For further details and a report and photographs of the event, please click here.

The next AGM will take place at St Stephen's Church Hall on 21st March 2019 at 7pm.
All members are welcome to attend and are reminded to ensure annual subscriptions are paid before this date

concrete 2.jpg

Earlier today a concrete delivery truck spilled a huge load of concrete on the turn of Sion hill into Cavendish Road, just outside Doric House, a historically significant house. The driver of the truck left the scene and left a hazard as cars were skidding in the spillage. The Council have responded very quickly as members of our association called their emergency service. A thirteen person crew arrived to clear up the mess left by the irresponsible driver. This highlights the need for the width restriction which will be introduced in the coming months, as it will enable us to seek enforcement to stop HGVs and coaches using the Crescent as a rat run and causing damage at this junction.

See photo gallery

Carol Singing Update (10 January 2019)

LCA carol singers in the Crescent, 17 December 2015.JPG

Thank you so much for the very kind donation to Genesis Trust Bath of £265.53 collected by the Lansdown Crescent Association whilst carol singing. The funds will make a huge difference for homeless, disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Bath. What is more, you have also helped to raise awareness of the needs of our local community and how we can all help in some way.This is a fantastic amount to raise so please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all the members of the Lansdown Crescent Association.

Best wishes,
Hilary Long
Community and Events Manager
Genesis Trust, Bath

LCA Website upgrade (15 December 2018)

We have had a website since it was established by Mandy Shaw in 2013. It has greatly enhanced communication within the Association and given much better access to information for all members. However, the Committee has now decided that it needs to be refreshed to improve its look, to simplify navigation and to make it easier to maintain. Advice has therefore been sought from other Residents’ Associations to discover the best website designers to use, after which a competition will be run to decide with which one to place the rebuild contract. We have provisionally allocated a budget of £1000 for this.

Bath Clean Air Zone Consultation - LCA members' Discussion 20 Nov at St Stephens (15 November 2018)

Dear LCA Members,
All of you will be aware of the Council's proposals for a Clean Air Zone in Bath, and the Consultation on it which is presently taking place.  If you want to refresh your memory of this, I recommend visiting .

The LCA Committee is debating its response to this consultation, the deadline for which is Monday 26th Nov.  Because this subject affects all members; in fact, all Bath citizens, and a good few outside Bath too; we have decided to hold a members' discussion about it, both to inform and to glean opinions for the LCA's submission.  This will take place in the Foyer of St Stephen's Church at 1930 on Tuesday 20th November.  All LCA members are welcome to attend.  Prior to that, we should receive the submission drafted by the Federation of Bath Residents' Associations: if so, I shall arrange for it to be circulated.

Robin Kerr
Chairman, Lansdown Crescent Association
3 Lansdown Place East
Bath BA1 5ET
Tel: 01225 311549
Mob: 07767 788366

New rubbish collection arrangements (22 April 2018)

Rachael Hushon continues to work hard with residents and B&NES to minimise the impact of the recent rubbish collection changes, but the LCA is aware that many residents are still having problems; if Council Connect (394041) cannot help, please contact Rachael

BNES have decided that... (28 November 2018)

BNES have decided that there are NO garden waste collections from Monday 3 December 2018 to Friday 25 January inclusive. Normal garden waste collections start again on Monday 28 January 2019. For a more detailed explanation, please visit the Council Connect web site.  
Importantly for Lansdown Crescent area, as this includes the Christmas period, Christmas trees need to be taken to the Recycling Centres not left on pavements if you want them removed before January 28th. 
They can only be put out for collection free of charge on garden waste collection days from 28th January and the 8th February.

Winter reminder, 1 March 2018

Just a timely reminder to all members to keep an eye on our more elderly or vulnerable neighbours who may need some help during these snow storms.

Snowdrops: News from Millennium Green, 26 February 2018

"If you are thinning out your snowdrops when they have finished flowering and have any to spare we would be very grateful for some for the Millennium Green. They can be left behind the Millennium Green shed or outside The Cott, Richmond Lane. We will get them planted straight away.
Thank you very much.
Visit us at
You can contact us via email at"

Paper Newsletters, 19 February 2018

The Association’s annual newsletter, distributed in paper form to all residents of our area, will be issued in early April. In discussion at last year’s AGM it became clear that many members would be happy to receive this in electronic form only. Please let Steph know (, by 17th March, if this applies to you.

7.02.18 Invitation from our MP (7 February 2018)

Dear Bath Residents’ Associations
We face a multitude of challenges over the coming years. Bath already has serious issues with transport and pollution, and housing. These will be become even more acute over the coming years; projections show growth in student numbers and tourist numbers, alongside a growing population and business growth.
There are many of us who are working to ensure our city remains a beautiful place to live and work, and I think it is tremendously important that, in our deliberations, we have the most accurate information possible. To this end I am arranging a Bath Briefing, where I have asked key stakeholders from the Universities, from business, from tourism, from public transport, and from the Council, to share their projections for the future with us, residents and campaigners.
I would like to invite you to this event on Friday 23rd February, between 2pm and 4pm, at BRLSI, 16-18 Queen Square, Bath, BA1 2HN. I have asked speakers to talk for about 10 minutes around their projections for the future and then to take questions from the floor.
Please feel free to circulate this invitation to your members of other interested parties, but please let us know the names of attendees, because places will be limited. RSVP to
Robin Kerr from FOBRA has kindly offered to sum up the event, because I am asking groups and campaigners to get together to look at how communities, the city, and the areas surrounding Bath, should respond to the challenges ahead. I will do my best to be available to assist in this process.
I do hope you can make it on the 23rd Feb. If you have any questions, please contact my colleague Matt McCabe.
Yours sincerely
Wera Hobhouse MP
(Sent by Matthew McCabe, Office of Wera Hobhouse MP, 07711 047267)

Plastics in supermarkets, 2 February 2018

A member has notified us of this petition which already has nearly 200,000 signatures.

LCA Carol Singing 2017: Money Raised for Julian House, 27 December 2017, and thank you from two residents, last updated 23 January

We are delighted to say that this year's Carol Singing raised £449.70 for Julian House.
Mandy Shaw | Email
12 January update
We have received a kind message from two residents asking us to pass on how much they appreciated the Carol Singers' visit. "It was so lovely and they really enjoyed it. Thank you."
23 January update
Please click here to view the acknowledgement received from Julian House.

Proposed Enhancements to Julian Road/Cavendish Road Junction, 7 November 2017, updated 5 January

Stephen Huard, Chairman of the Marlborough Buildings Residents' Association, has kindly provided us with the following briefing.
Despite the presence of a 20mph speed limit, traffic travelling from Weston Road across into Julian Road averages 32mph. This poses a particular danger to cars emerging from Marlborough Buildings.
To slow traffic, and thus to improve safety, B&NES proposes to reduce the road width and to introduce low (1.5cm) cobbled ramps aka 'pedestrian causeways', as shown in the before and after diagrams.
In addition, the Weston Road parking spaces between the bottom of Cavendish Road and the golf course entrance would be moved to the other side of the road; the 20A (westbound) bus stop would be moved nearer to the Victoria Park entrance; and an eastbound electronic speed warning would be introduced.
If you have any comments on these proposals, which have been issued by B&NES for information and which should not be viewed as final or definite, please contact:
Nick Bishop (Traffic) | Email

Update 5 January
Stephen Huard writes:
"I can confirm that the project now has its full funding available. After a quite acrimonious meeting of the Bath City Forum on 30th November ... money was approved to cover the shortfall and subject to a final sign off by the Council Cabinet meeting on February 7th, the project is going ahead. ... The fact that we were able to show we had the support of the RAs all around the immediate area, and of local businesses, was a strong point in favour of the expenditure on this project. ... I heard just before Christmas that the Heritage Department have accepted the scheme as being suitable without any amendments, indeed have praised the fact that it takes the Bath Council Pattern Book into account in a very positive way. ...
"There are two pieces of administration out for consultation. There is a Traffic Regulation Order (17-021/AC) which relates to the relocation of the parking spaces from the North side of Weston Road to the South side, moving the bus stop closer to the park entrance (going west out of Bath), and provides for the unloading bay for the Marlborough Tavern. Secondly there is a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (THTTC1658) to provide for one way traffic in Marlborough Buildings from North to South for the duration of the project (c.12 weeks). These consultations are due to conclude by 18th January. If you are inclined to show that you support these changes rather than object that would be appreciated.
"Skanska (the Council's maintenance contractor) will be doing the work, commencing with building out the pavements around the junction and doing adaptations to the drains in the area. There will be stop/go boards while ground penetration radar work goes on from 15 to 18th January to locate underground utilities. There will be some further stop/go board work towards the end of January for coring samples to be taken. The main work will commence in mid February when Marlborough Buildings down to the Royal Victoria Park entrance will become one way for around 12 weeks - North to South as it was a couple of years ago for resurfacing. We have been told that when the project gets round to resurfacing the whole area, that that work will be done at night time.
"So once again thank you for your support and emails to the Council and Councillors. I hope after a period of inconvenience during the construction phase that we will all benefit from a safer junction and improved environment for many years to come. ..."
Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

Winter in the Lansdown Crescent area (November 2017)

The LCA Committee wants to remind all members at this time of year, when the nights are darker and the weather outside is grey and cold, that some of our more senior neighbours may need a little extra help to go about their daily lives through the winter, be it:
. popping to the shops,
. reading utility meters,
. making sure that pavements outside their front doors are clear of slip hazards,
. being considerate when biking or jogging on narrow paths,
. help with the refuse collection morning, or
. just nipping round to make sure that they are OK.
Making this extra effort through the winter can really make a big difference in our neighbourhood.
Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

7 and 8 Lansdown Crescent, 17 September 2017

Members will remember that Karl Jaeger, who owned 7 and 8 Lansdown Crescent, died on 2nd November 2015. The double property was finally sold recently to Mr Ian Taylor, owner of the Kaleidoscope Collection Hotel Group in Bath. Ian and Christa intend to refurbish both houses and then to move from Cheltenham, where they are currently, to live in one of them (probably No.7). They hope to join the LCA too!
Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

Changes to refuse collections for the LCA area from 6 November 2017 (posted September 2017)
Click here for the originally published details of the planned changes

Update 22 September 2017
Further to our last posting regarding the refuse changes from November 6th, the Council have confirmed the following amendments to our arrangements:
Lansdown Place East will in fact now retain weekly collections of refuse like the Crescent and Lansdown Place West and will receive a 70L reusable refuse bag;
Upper Lansdown Mews and Dixon Gardens will be on the fortnightly collection but will in fact receive new wheelie bins like Somerset Lane and All Saints Road.
Containers will be delivered from September 25th onwards; at that stage, we will learn which day will be our collection day. If you receive your new container please do not start using it until November 6th.
Please remember that under the new arrangements only refuse which fits into the new containers will be taken by the council crews; any spare refuse will not be taken, will be considered as "side waste", and could result in an enforcement notice and fine.
Rachael Hushon | Email

Update 31 October 2017
To residents in Dixon Gardens and Upper Lansdown Mews:
The Council has mistakenly delivered reusable gullproof sacks to you in relation to the new household waste collection arrangements starting next week. You are meant to receive wheelie bins. The Council crews are working to correct this and have requested that you don't use the bags you have been given. Please leave them out and they will collect unused bags and swap for a wheelie bin as soon as they can. They are delivering to over 80,000 homes so these teething problems are to be expected. They have reassured us that your waste will be collected as usual in the meantime.
Stephanie Higgins (Membership) | Email

Dr Jean Hansell, 21 June 2017

The Association is sad to announce that Dr Jean Hansell, founder member (with her late husband Peter) and Trustee, died peacefully at Cranhill Nursing Home on Wednesday 21st June, aged 95, after a short illness.
Mandy Shaw | Email

Installation of Crane on Hope House Site, Friday 9 June 2017

Rhatigans have announced the delivery of the crane, which will be delivered via the M4 tomorrow (Friday 9 June). Residents should be prepared for traffic delays on Lansdown Road throughout the day, and are advised if possible to avoid driving past Hope House. They apologise for the short notice of the warning, which is partly attributable to unpredicted wind conditions.
Mandy Shaw | Email

South Bath Transport Options, including the Cable Car Proposal: information and consultation event dates (May 2017)

Notice from Curo:
"A series of public consultations events will be held from the end of March about South Bath Transport Options. At the events a number of transport options for South Bath, which could help improve connectivity and tackle some of the city's wider issues such as congestion and air quality will be on show - thisi ncludes proposals for a cable car amongst other options. Details can be found at, and comments are invited online."
The consultation events have now concluded.

LCA Response to Cable Car Proposal, 6 May
The LCA have responded as follows to the proposal:
"We do not accept that the data upon which this proposal has been based is robust enough.
We do not see it substantially improving traffic congestion as a stand alone route rather we fear it may create more.
We are concerned that it is a vanity project for Curo, and will be mostly used by tourists. Tourists are already well served in Bath.
It would be intrusive on the skyline in a beautiful part of Bath.
Residents should not have such an intrusion over the air space of their homes. The air rights are something whichshould be protected."
Rachael Hushon | Email

New Bath Preservation Trust pamphlet 'Making Changes', May 2017

"... a new publication giving guidance on how to make changes to listed buildings in Bath. Endorsed by Historic England and B&NES Council's Historic Environment team, the Bath-specific publication aims to assist householders who are thinking about changing or adapting their listed building and want guidance on best practice and how to go about getting the relevant permissions. You can view it here, or apply for a hard copy by calling in at No.1 Royal Crescent. Should you wish to receive a copy in the post, please send a SAE for £1.50 with a request for a copy to Sacha Hunter, Bath Preservation Trust, No.1 Royal Crescent, Bath, BA1 2LR. For hard copies we are suggesting a voluntary donation of £5 to help cover our costs."
Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

Neighbourly Parking, May 2017

Although we live in a Controlled Parking Zone, and pay dearly for the privilege, there is still pressure on spaces, especially as these often have to be shared with builders' vans, skips, etc. It is therefore incumbent on those of us with cars to park them in a responsible and neighbourly way, to optimise use of the spaces we have. Thus, if one lives in the Crescent or one of the three Places, and has a second car, parking it on the open side of the road helps and is thoughtful.
Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

West of England Mayoral Election Hustings, BRLSI, Queen Square, Wednesday 26 April 2017
There will be a hustings meeting with the 6 Metro-mayoral candidates in BRLSI on Wednesday 26 April from 7 to 9.30pm. Bookings to attend may be made here.
For more information on the mayoral election, click here.

FoBRA response to Sunday Times article concerning perceived threat to Bath's World Heritage status, March 2017

The article in question may be found here (paywall).
The Federation of Bath Residents' Associations (FoBRA) writes:
"Nick Tobin, Chairman of our Planning Sub-Committee is also FoBRA's representative on Bath’s World Heritage Site Steering Group. In both capacities he monitors all planning applications submitted to the Council, focusing closely on the larger proposed developments in the city. He has read the article and recognises residents' concerns about the purported threat of the proposed South Quays and other major site developments to Bath's WHS status.
Having consulted relevant officials within B&NES and from his own perspective, he considers the article to be adversely slanted – disappointing but not untypical of newspapers, especially as the Sunday Times asked for and received reassuring comments that would have helped to counter the reported concerns by Historic England and Bath Preservation Trust, but chose not to include them in their piece. Since 1972, when UNESCO initiated the WHS inscription process, only two sites have been taken off their list.
Nick does not consider that the current amended plans to develop South Quays, if approved, would threaten the city's WH site status; nor does he believe the other current planned but not yet approved larger developments in Bath are likely to be a threat either, although recognising that many stakeholders perceive the South Quays planned buildings in particular to be too tall and too bulky. He observes that by and large most office blocks are likely to be perceived as being too bulky, too ugly and too high but points out that the current industrial Stothert & Pitt / Newark site is hardly appealing to the eye; in fact it has been an eyesore for many years, as has much of the south bank’s derelict and under-developed riverside. The developers have reduced the height of the proposed building by one storey, have changed the cladding and have been encouraged to improve the roof treatment, which is of particular concern to the planners. He nevertheless is confident that the Council would not permit any development that would be likely to encourage Historic England or any other campaigning group to trigger "a formal notification to UNESCO".
Indeed, he has been advised that Historic England would be reluctant to notify UNESCO as has been suggested. His experience of trawling some 200 planning applications a week would also suggest that Historic England, BPT, Bath Heritage Watchdog and others fairly regularly splice "damage to WHS status" phraseology into their objections to planning applications but, that said, he reckons the Council will note objectors' concerns about South Quays in particular, especially now that it's had wider exposure in the national press. The article will have made its mark and he believes that B&NES will consider a more pro-active way ahead to counter any potential threat of future planned development to Bath’s WHS status."
Rachael Hushon | Email

Seagulls, 26 February 2017

The Association has been asked by the Bath Small Business community, and by other Residents' Associations, to give an opinion on how the Bath seagull problem might be solved. With the full agreement of the Committee and Trustees, the following was provided:
"The Lansdown Crescent Association strongly supports a seagull cull. Humane reduction of the seagull population is the only efficient method: others seem to have made no difference. Legal protection for seagulls was introduced in the noughties and has led to their widespread and wholly inappropriate invasion of some cities, including Bath: prior to that legislation, seagulls were kept in check by culling and nest destruction. They are certainly a disease hazard, Salmonella bacterium being one of them, and it's possible that seagulls carry Norovirus, a major cause of diarrhoea and vomiting. Moreover, seagulls' highly corrosive and anti-social guano also damages car paintwork in only a few hours. No more research is needed. The money should be spent on directly reducing their numbers in cities, where they don't belong. It worked for pigeons in Trafalgar Square."
For more information, contact:
Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

Update 29 April: the LCA is quoted in an article on this subject published on 24 April in the Bath Chronicle.
Loss of Parking Spaces and Application to Block Pavement at 11 Lansdown Place East, 9 January 2017
James Whatmore, LCA committee member, writes:
You will have seen the red and white plastic barriers in the road outside No.11 Lansdown Place East which have been in position for a week or so depriving us of two parking spaces. This was done with no permission from the council, who charge a fee for this privilege. This morning (Sunday) the situation has been regularised with the council; traffic cones have been put out prohibiting car parking between the cones and the illegal barriers have been removed. Their purpose is to provide parking spaces for delivery lorries and/or skips. The provisional date for end of works is June this year. It is irritating that the cones are to remain in place at weekends and in the evenings even though they are not needed then.
In addition I was told by the contractor's "safety officer" on Friday that the pavement outside No.11 is to be closed off by similar barriers. Thus anyone coming up or down the pavement will have to make their way between parked cars into the road, or to the other side, and then do the same to re-join the pavement. The parking official tells me that pavement obstruction is the decision of the Highways Department, but if successful a gap of 1.2 metres has to be left for people to pass through.
The reason for this obstruction has been given as "health and safety", for on those occasions when building materials are to be carried into the house there might be a collision with someone walking past. This is clearly ridiculous and could easily be overcome with a supervisor present.
There is much greater health and safety risk in obliging adults and children to go out into the road on a half bend to pass around the obstruction. How will residents with sight/hearing issues cope with a blocked pavement?
No other refurbishment along here has felt it necessary to close the pavement. Our loss of pavement outside Hope House has emboldened contractors to want to do the same elsewhere.
I have been in touch with the Highways Department regarding the situation, as has Robin Kerr of No.3, our LCA Chairman, and he has also contacted councillors about the matter.

If you would like to get your opinion of this proposal taken into account by the Highways Department, who will apparently be receiving the request very shortly, please contact James by telephone as soon as possible:
James Whatmore (Sheep and Field) | Email

Update 19 January: issue resolved
Following further discussions with Highways, with the contractors, and with the owner of the house, this issue has been resolved as follows:
The red and white barriers have been replaced with mesh fencing. This is lit with 'dawn to dusk' lamps to make it visible to pedestrians and road users.
There will be no permanent closure of the pavement.
At the time of a delivery, or when the skip is to be loaded, signs will be put out indicating temporary closure of the pavement, and barriers will be erected. The signs and barriers will be removed immediately the loading or delivery is complete, and work will be timed to minimise disruption.

Funds raised for Julian House by LCA Carol Singing, 19 December 2016

The usual carol singing round the Association's streets took place on 19 December, led by Judith Liddell and attended by about 30 singers. As before, it started at the Derry-Evans' house and ended at the Shaws'. A collection for Julian House was taken, and totalled £280.17, accompanied by a cheque from a generous single donor for a further £250.

B&NES Parking Survey, running until 19 December 2016

Bath & North East Somerset Council is asking local residents to complete a parking survey.
The results will help the Council review existing parking policies and practice as part of developing a long-term strategy for the management of parking within the Bath and North East Somerset area.
The online survey is now open and will run until 5pm Monday 19th December 2016 at
Cllr Anthony Clarke (Conservative, Lansdown), Cabinet Member for Transport, said: "This survey covers all aspects of parking policy, including on-street and off-street parking, as well as residential parking, and will help us in developing an approach that balances demand and availability of parking both now and in the future.
"The Council is keen to hear the views of residents, as well as visitors to our area, as we look to establish a balance between the social, economic, cultural and environmental needs of the whole community. I would therefore like to encourage residents to take a few moments to complete the online survey."
If you have any questions about this survey please contact Parking Services at, or call 01225 477133/4.

Launch of Bath Alliance for Transport and the Public Realm, 22 November 2016 (24 November 2016)
The new Bath Alliance for Transport and the Public Realm was launched on Tuesday 22 November, sponsored by Bath Bridge.

Invitation to join the Volunteer team at the Museum of East Asian Art, Bath, 25 October 2016

"We are recruiting Visitor Services Volunteers to join our Volunteer team at the Museum of East Asian Art, particularly volunteers who can help us on weekday shifts 10am-1pm or 1pm-4pm and join the regular volunteer rota (weekly, monthly or occasional shifts). No specialist knowledge or language skills are needed - just plenty of enthusiasm!
At the moment, we have opportunities for Visitor Services Volunteers who would like to cover these shifts:
Tuesdays 10am-1pm
Weds 10am-1pm & 1pm-4pm (1-4pm is a priority shift on Wednesdays)
Thursdays 10am-1pm & 1pm-4pm

All volunteers have an opportunity to help at Museum events. See the events programme and the Museum website for details of events.
Also, volunteers can join a weekly, informal drop-in Mandarin language group for beginners if they wish. This group meets on Monday afternoons at the Museum 3.30-4.30pm.
To find out more about volunteering with us, especially becoming a Visitor Services Volunteer, please contact Jill Sutherland, our Visitor Services & Retail Manager, or Jane Sparrow, Volunteer Coordinator,, or call us on 01225 464466."

New University of Bath Community eNewsletter, 28 September 2016

The University of Bath has launched an eNewsletter for the local community to keep everyone up to date with all the latest news and information. You can see the latest issue here.
The email will be sent every other month and will include details of University development plans, community engagement, events on campus and throughout the city, research stories, special offers and more.
To sign up to the newsletter just enter your email address here.

LCA Response to Fortnightly Refuse Collections Proposal, 31 August 2016

On behalf of the LCA, Rachael Hushon has written to our Councillors opposing this proposal. She listed the hygiene and aesthetic impacts of the proposed change in areas (such as ours) with extensive multiple occupation, no refuse storage facilities, and many students.

29 October update
On 26 October, councillors, with representatives of Bath Residents' Associations (including the LCA), walked through many of the affected areas for fact-finding purposes.

Road from Sion Hill to Somerset Place closed for a week from Wednesday 13 July 2016
(no further information available)

A36/A46 Link Road Parliamentary Petition, 5 June 2016

Our MP, Ben Howlett, has decided to conduct a petition of all Bath residents to determine the level of support for some form of A36/A46 link road to be built, to reduce the number of HGVs travelling North/South through central Bath. The parliamentary petition will be hand delivered across the city during the summer months. It is a petition to the House of Commons which can be filled out and returned free of charge. So look out for the petition arriving on your doorstep in the coming months. You can also download a copy of the petition here if you want to get signing straight away.

Volunteers needed for final push, 21 January 2017
Ben Howlett is arranging a final push on this petition (see above), prior to its presentation to Parliament in early February. This effort will be non party-political. Would you therefore consider giving up a few hours of your time this Saturday morning, 21st January 2017, to help? Ben and his team will be gathering outside Phones4U, at 54/55 Southgate. Please send mobile numbers/email addresses to Selaine Saxby at, telephone 01225 311422, and she will finalise the details before the end of the week.

Somerset Lane residents support local charity to celebrate the Queen's Birthday, June 2016

In June 2016, Somerset Lane residents held a "Patrons' Lunch" to celebrate the Queen's Birthday. They raised approximately £200 including Gift Aid for Bath charity the Peggy Dodd Day Centre.

Hope House Unexploded Bomb (12-13 May 2016)
Click here for more information.
5 June update: on the home page of the B&NES website at under the heading 'Spotlight' there is presently a short video sequence about the Unexploded Bomb at Hope House.
29 October update: the LCA's submission to the Federation of Bath Residents' Associations (FoBRA), detailing our concerns about the handling of the incident by B&NES and by Avon and Somerset Police, may be found here.

If you would like to add your stories, links or photos to our record, please contact
Mandy Shaw | Email

Our photo record can be viewed here

Zebra crossing

Zebra crossing

Pavement encroachment, disabled bus stop, and incomplete zebra crossing, Lansdown Road and Lansdown Place East, 20 April 2016 onwards

Acorn Property, developers of the Hope House site, have closed off the pavement around the site in Lansdown Place East and Lansdown Road, purportedly for safety and security reasons, by planting large concrete blocks on the pavement and fixing continuous hoarding to these. Pedestrians now have to cross to the other side of the two roads to proceed, and it is effectively impossible for drivers to turn safely from Lansdown Place East southbound into Lansdown Road.
As an additional result of the pavement closure, the northbound Lansdown Grove bus stop is currently out of use, with no temporary provision as yet in place.
Further, an incomplete and therefore hazardous zebra crossing has been painted on Lansdown Road just above its junction with Lansdown Place East.
The Association have investigated these unexpected and potentially dangerous developments with B&NES, the developers, and First Bus.
It has been stressed to the developers that the lack of consultation, or even communication, experienced in relation to the pavement closure has resulted in considerable confusion and ill feeling, especially given their recent distribution of a newsletter that made no mention of it.
The zebra crossing was not authorised by B&NES.
On 25 April, Council Connect informed us that the developers did not have authorisation for the encroachment and that the matter was in the hands of B&NES Planning Enforcement.
On 26 April, Cllr Tony Clarke, Lansdown Ward (Conservative) and also Council Cabinet Member for Transport, sent the following via the LCA to all Lansdown residents on behalf of the Council:
"I have not yet had it confirmed, but it is likely that the team which licenses scaffolding and hoardings probably authorized this work. Clearly they should have notified ward Councillors and residents that this was about to happen, due to the sensitivity of the site and the possible (indeed, probable) disruption that would be caused.
"On behalf of the Council I would like to apologize for the poor communication, the inconvenience, and the distress caused. My senior officers and I are determined to improve the service we give residents and the way we communicate."
On 27 April, B&NES issued the following action plan - see diagram:

Removal of the temporary traffic lights
Introduction of temporary Pelican crossings above and below the site
Elimination of the incomplete zebra crossing
Installation of water filled barriers on Lansdown Road, near the junction, to move traffic flow away from the hoardings in order to improve visibility
Replacement bus stop above the Upper Lansdown Mews turning (i.e. where it used to be some years ago)

All this will be put in place on Friday/Saturday 29/30 April. The Association understands that we may have to endure it for about two years.
29 April update: the LCA understands that implementation of the action plan is now likely to be delayed for a week or more.
3 May update: BBC Radio Bristol featured this matter early on Tuesday 3 May, talking to Cllr Tony Clarke, local resident George Scott, and LCA Chairman Robin Kerr. There is now also an article on the BBC website.
16 May update: a temporary northbound bus stop is now in place just above the turning to Upper Lansdown Mews.
19 May update: the following letter from the LCA Chairman was published in the 12 May Chronicle, with the exception of the section shown in bold, and with the title changed to the bland 'Homes bring some unwelcome features':
Dear Editor,
Incompetence on Lansdown
54 new dwellings are to be built on the upper part of the Hope House site in Lansdown. I welcome new homes in Bath, as they are sorely needed. The developer, Acorn, has started groundworks and has kept the neighbouring residents informed with newsletters: until now. On 20th April, with no warning, we woke to find large concrete blocks being planted on the pavement joining Lansdown Place East to Lansdown Road. These sprouted interlocking hoardings over the next days, thereby preventing residents from safely walking into the city, and blocking use of an important bus stop, while one-way traffic was imposed by temporary lights, causing traffic chaos. A little earlier, a curious "zebra crossing" had mysteriously appeared nearby, on busy Lansdown Road, which seemed to have no legality: and was later officially "barred" by the Council. All this greatly inconvenienced and outraged residents, but enquiries to Acorn and the Council revealed only more confusion, safety worries and delay. No one seemed to agree on a single plan, whereas we might have expected this to have been developed before starting work, and residents to have been informed, or even consulted! Acorn and two Council departments were found to be arguing with each other, and even Councillors (both Ward and Cabinet) were perplexed. Lastly, local radio featured this crazy circus on 3rd May, and, as I write (6th May) it is only just coming to a conclusion:
but where was our own Chronicle, to help in holding Authorities to account?
Yours sincerely,
Robin Kerr

5 June update:
Acorn have now lowered the water filled barriers in front of the hoarding to improve visibility.
26 June update:
Residents will have observed that the Lansdown Grove Hotel's delivery lorries have resumed unloading on the double yellow lines in Lansdown Road. While the hoardings and temporary pedestrian crossings remain in place this is clearly even more of an obstruction than usual. The Association has taken this matter up with them, indicating that we would expect the lorries to reverse into their back car park. Discussions continue.
13 July update:
Following ongoing issues with the temporary traffic lights Acorn have now replaced them with more solid and secure equipment from a different manufacturer.
20 September update
The unsafe nature of the current arrangements has been further highlighted by a recent 'near miss' experienced by a resident turning right out of Lansdown Place East.
Residents are recommended, in the case of any such incident, to report it to Acorn using this contact form, giving date/time. Please note (and please remind Acorn) that under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 such a report makes Acorn responsible for logging the incident on their risk register, and for putting appropriate mitigation in place.
B&NES are preparing a report on the safety of the current configuration; Acorn have separately submitted this proposal to B&NES, effectively cutting off the corner of the hoarding in the hope of improving visibility. Neither B&NES nor Acorn has in any way consulted local residents. We await developments.
Meanwhile Acorn are proposing extensive and distracting sales advertising on the hoardings.
7 October update
Robin Kerr spoke to Acorn's project manager on 4th October. She predicts that it will take until 18th October to start the visibility work (because of the need to design, approve and publicise the arrangements) and that it will take about two days to do (during which 3-way single-direction lights will be in operation, so anticipate big queues).
19 October update
The visibility work is currently held up by lack of temporary traffic lights.
29 October update
The visibility work was eventually carried out on 27-28 October at short notice. The Association is currently assessing the benefit of the change; if you have any comments, please contact Robin Kerr as below.
13 November update
See here for the latest news re the advertising hoardings.
16 November update
Following many complaints about the amount of mud on the surface of Lansdown Road, Acorn are now hosing down the wheels of lorries leaving the site.
19 January 2017 update - traffic disruption on Lansdown Road, week beginning 23 January
Acorn's application to advertise on the hoardings has been approved by B&NES. The work will be carried out in the week beginning 23 January. Working times have been restricted to 09:30-15:00; temporary traffic lights will be in place.
18 February update - development lorries stopping or parking on Lansdown Road
We are assured by Lee Jones (JJ Rhatigan, Hope House upper site developers) that no lorries will be allowed to park or stop on Lansdown Road, and that, if there is not room for them to pull on to the site, one of the two banksmen will ask them to drive away until there is space.
If you observe this rule being broken (which has already occurred) please contact:
Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

HopeHouse Hoardings Danger - LCA Statement to full Council, 14 September 2017
Click here to see the statement given by Robin Kerr, LCA Chairman, to the full B&NES Council meeting on Thursday 14 September. The questioning afterwards showed the Councillors' disbelief that such a situation could have occurred.
Acorn and Rhatigan have been sent a copy of Robin's statement; neither has as yet responded.
Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

Hope House Hoardings - At Last: Apparently Effective Improvement to Sightlines, 11 October 2017
Feedback received so far indicates that Acorn's recent (third) attempt to improve the sightlines (following intervention first by the LCA, as above, and then by Councillor Mark Shelford) seems to have worked. If you are still experiencing problems, or have any other comments, please contact:
Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

Temporary Closure of bottom of Winifred's Lane, 10 February 2016 (11 February 2016)
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Pavement Closure: Lansdown Road and Lansdown Place East (April 2016)
Acorn Property, developers of the Hope House site, have placed an extensive hoarding on Lansdown Place East and Lansdown Road.
For the history of this pavement closure, see our archive.

For more information, contact
Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

Somerset Lane residents are once again delighted with the results of allowing their verges to 'Go Wild' in 2015 (31 December 2015)
We congratulate the residents of the Lane on running a very successful, though fully subscribed, Book Club; please contact
Marian McNeir (Events Secretary) | Email
if you are interested in helping start another around the area.

LCA Carol Singing - Collection for Julian House, 17 December 2015
As usual, a large group sang carols round the Association's streets on the evening of Thursday 17th Dec, which was mercifully fine. They started from the Derry-Evans' house, reinforced with mulled wine, sausages and mince pies; were led and conducted by Judith Liddell; and ended at the Shaws' house where mulled apple juice awaited them. £337.05 was collected in aid of Julian House.

Eastern Park and Ride Site - Email from Federation of Bath Residents' Associations, 26 November 2015
Please click here for the full text.

Eastern Park and Ride Site Consultation Update, 8 November 2015
Members will be well aware of the spirited debate over the Council's proposals for an Eastern Park and Ride site. On FoBRA's website at can be read the response which FoBRA made to the Council's consultation, a press release made jointly by FoBRA with Bath Chamber of Commerce (an edited version of which appeared in the Chronicle dated 5th Nov), and a letter sent by FoBRA to the Chronicle (but not so far published) and to all Councillors. The Council issued the results of the consultation in a press release on 4th Nov: A full Council will be debating this on 12th Nov.

Karl Jaeger, 2 November 2015
The Association has received the sad news that irreplaceable long term Lansdown Crescent resident Karl Jaeger died on 2 November. Click here to read his obituary in the Daily Telegraph.

Eastern Park & Ride, 6 October 2015
Click here for B&NES' proposal
Click here for the Association's response to the consultation, 6 October 2015

B&NES public consultation on the future of community health and care services, until 30 October 2015
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Council agrees targeted approach to amplified busking in Bath, 9 September 2015
Bath & North East Somerset Council has decided to put in place a targeted approach to amplified busking in the city, rather than an outright ban. A ban was considered following concerns raised by local businesses and residents over amplification in Abbey Church Yard, Kingston Parade and Abbey Green. However, after considering responses to a public consultation on busking in Bath city centre, the Council has decided to use Government legislation to target those individuals causing problems, rather than an outright ban which affects everyone.
Cllr Martin Veal (Conservative, Bathavon North) Cabinet Member for Community Services, said: "The results of the public consultation gave a clear message that a total ban on amplification for every busker in the area around Bath Abbey was not welcomed. This is an issue people clearly feel passionate about as we received almost 1500 responses to our consultation - the most we've ever received to an online consultation. 56% of respondents said they were not adversely affected by amplified music from busking and the majority (51%) also said they were not supportive of a ban. We have therefore decided not to introduce a Public Space Protection Order but instead we will use another power under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. The service of a Community Protection Notice allows us to target individuals who are not adhering to the rules."
The 12 week public consultation took place between January and March 2014, and included an online questionnaire and a public workshop - bringing together residents, businesses, buskers and councillors - where concerns were raised that the broad brush approach of a Public Space Protection Order might penalise everyone rather than dealing with just the small number of buskers who fail to busk responsibly. There were offers of support from Bath Abbey, Bath Business Improvement District, the Musicians Union and the buskers - which has resulted in a review of the buskers voluntary code of practice and the convening of a buskers liaison group that continues the positive conversation. All those involved have agreed that the situation has already improved greatly as a result of this cooperation. The Council has agreed to continue to work with the busking community and other partners, to achieve harmony through better communication and the serving of Community Protection Notices, if necessary. This will be reviewed in December 2015.

Have your say on plans for new eastern Park & Ride site, 7 September 2015
Bath and North East Somerset Council are holding a public consultation to seek the public's views on possible sites for a new park and ride to the East of Bath. Click here for details of the proposals, and how to respond. The first consultation event is on Saturday 19 September.

Bath Quays Bridge Exhibition, 14-25 September 2015

Consultation on towpath upgrade, 28-29 August 2015
Bath & North East Somerset Council is running a public consultation as to how best to improve a significant portion of the towpath along the Kennet & Avon Canal between Sydney Gardens and Bathampton.
The towpath is one of the most heavily used sections on the canal, and is popular with pedestrians, cyclists, anglers and boaters. Working with the Canal & River Trust and in consultation with local ward councillors, Bath & North East Somerset Council has developed preliminary proposals which include improving the surface for year round use and widening the towpath where possible.
The proposals will be presented at a public exhibition which will seek views on the proposal from the local community and users of the towpath and the canal.
The exhibition will run as follows:

Friday August 28, 2-8pm: Bathampton Village Hall
Saturday August 29, 11am-5pm: New Oriel Hall, Larkhall

Improvements are being made possible thanks to a successful bid for City Cycle Ambition Funding by the Council, which has been allocated £3.8 million over the next three years. £650,000 is available to undertake the works on the towpath. This will include an improvement to the towpath along the Kennet & Avon Canal between Sydney Gardens and Bathampton, and two cycling facilities across the River Avon near Bath Spa Station and Locksbrook Bridge.
Cllr Anthony Clarke (Conservative, Lansdown), Cabinet Member for Transport, said: "The Council has been awarded a significant amount of money by Government for this project and wants to ensure that all users of the towpath have their say in how it is spent. I would encourage anyone who is interested to attend one of these events."
The proposals will also be available to view on the Council's website.

Traffic Investigation: Lansdown Crescent, Lansdown Place East, Lansdown Place West, summer 2015 (June 2015)
As discussed at the 2015 AGM, the LCA Committee has pursued the acquisition of information about speed and volume of traffic passing through the Crescent and its approach. Robin Kerr and Nick Bishop had a helpful meeting with an officer from the Council. At this meeting we were given detailed information from a traffic survey that was conducted in late June 2013. The traffic officer has agreed to carry out a similar survey so that comparisons can be made. This will happen during school term time and will show both speed and volume throughout the day. The measuring equipment will not be obvious.
Once we have this information the Committee will be in a position to decide whether any further proposals should be discussed.

Bath 2015 Great Western electrification, May 2015
Click here
There will be major disruption to services from Bath Spa from 17 July to 31 August. See the FGW website and National Rail website for details.

Rotary Club appeal for unwanted bikes for Julian House's Bike Workshop project, 30 March 2015
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Amplified busking in Abbey Churchyard - Consultation, 24 March 2015
The Council is running a consultation on busking in and around the Abbey, and, in particular, whether amplification of it should be allowed, following complaints at disturbance of services in the Abbey. This can be found at Some may feel that a ban would be appropriate, either permanently or while services are taking place, there being few places in Bath available for quiet contemplation, and the squares around the Abbey perhaps offering such sanctuary. Others may argue that the quality of busker in Bath is high relative to most places and that they form part of the Bath experience for tourists, bearing in mind that many buskers these days rely on backing tracks played through amplifiers. It's a tricky question and compromise may be difficult, which is why the LCA Committee has so far been unable to agree a way ahead for the whole Association. The deadline for responding is Sunday 29th March 2015.

Letter received on 17 March 2015 re Bath Carnival (Sydney Gardens, 11 July 2015)
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If anyone is interested in attending the proposed meeting, please contact the organiser directly.

Noisy Drain Cover in Somerset Lane - Fixed, 18 January 2015
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Carol Singing - Money Raised, 17 December 2014
The Lansdown Crescent Association carol singing on 17 December raised £220 for Julian House. With Gift Aid this becomes £275. Well done everyone.

Christmas and New Year Recycling and Rubbish Collections, 19 November 2014
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Annotated Press Release following recent Council Budget Fair, 18 November 2014
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Stolen Pennant Stones, All Saints Road Footpath, 3 November 2014
New pennant stones, sourced from a North Wales Quarry at a cost of £1000, have been received by the Council and are awaiting fitting.
Pete Clark, chief Highways Officer, says that because of the special nature of the stones, the Council has only one or two council employees able to carry out the work and central Bath has priority, so there will be some delay.
However, he promised the work will be done as soon as a fitter is available.

LCA Treasurer Change, 30 October 2014
David Anderson tendered his resignation as Treasurer and from the Committee, with immediate effect, on 29th Sept, due to pressure of work. The Committee much regretted this, but respected his decision, and, at its meeting on 22nd Oct, co-opted Corinne Taylor as Treasurer until the AGM, when she can stand for confirmation by election if she wishes.
The Association is deeply grateful to David for his years of excellent service on the Committee and as Treasurer; and to Corinne for having volunteered to replace him.

Parking Restrictions - Upper Lansdown Mews, 29 October 2014
Order 201 reference PEV10120/CG
The Council proposes to replace the white "Keep Clear" lines by double yellow ones. If residents wish to object, they must do so in writing by Thursday 30 October (now extended to Sunday 9 November) to:
Transportation Team, Floor 2, Riverside, Temple St, Keynsham BS31 1LA
or by email to

FOUND - GLASSES IN CASE, 27 October 2014
A glasses case with glasses in it and another item have been found just below the kerb at the western end of Lansdown Crescent. If these are yours, please contact:
Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

BBC2 Pest Control Offer, August 2014
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Going Wild in Somerset Lane, July 2014
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Student event at Bath Racecourse, May 2014
This item provided advance warning of a large student event planned on Bath Racecourse on Saturday 31 May. The event was to include various stages with DJs, fireworks, and an amusement park, and they aimed to sell 5000 tickets.

Dorchester Street Busgate - Refund of Fines, 30 April 2014
B&NES announced today that all Dorchester Street Busgate fines issued would be refunded. The LCA's contribution was to arrange, on 28th April, for FoBRA to issue to its members: 'Several LCA members feel aggrieved on having receiving fines for driving ... along Dorchester Street... Although they (mostly) recognize that they should have known about (it), they point out that the signage at Broad Quay is very confusing, as revealed in leading pieces (in the media), and that the Council has announced consideration of signage revision. In this situation they feel that fining ... is immoral, not to mention the ... cash the Council has made, and that their fines should meanwhile be excused.'

Road signage, Upper Lansdown Mews, 19 April 2014
For some time, the Committee has been concerned about drivers who ignore the one-way rule on the section of Upper Lansdown Mews behind Lansdown Place East by driving down it, thereby endangering walkers and garden-users, as well as breaking the law. It was thought that the signage at the top of this section might be confusing or obscure, so Council Traffic Officers were approached, and they agreed to make this more clear, by adding white paint markings on the road. This work has now been completed and we hope the contraventions will cease.
Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

March 2014, Cavendish Road resurfacing
Exact dates of the road closure were advertised on advance resident/driver information boards at each end of the site approximately 2 weeks before commencement. The Contractors permitted works hours were between 0700 and 1900.

December 2013: Carol Singing - Money Raised
With various extra contributions received subsequently, the total sent to Julian House was £183.29. With Gift Aid, this was worth £229.11 to them. Well done everyone.

28 July 2013
Lansdown Crescent Association has just placed the contract with Chapel Forge to manufacture and fit a handrail to the steep path which leads from the top of Park Street to Lansdown Crescent field - a well-known slip hazard, particularly in the autumn. Funding has been assembled from a number of sources, principally both Ward Councillors.

18 July 2013
The LCA Committee attended the drop-in consultation held by developers Square Bay to show the final proposals for new housing on the Hope House site, once Bath High Junior school transfers to Cranwell, Weston, in the New Year. LCA and St James's Park RA have cooperated in advising Square Bay of their members' views on the plans as they have evolved.

16 July 2013
LCA members held another of their periodic meetings with Stephen Green of Future Heritage, developers of Somerset Place, on progress with the plans for the buildings to the rear of the site, and traffic arrangements in Somerset Lane.